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Each of our products is handcrafted with the best materials.

Quality, elegance and the unmistakable Italian style are the characteristics that make our products unique.


Sol.Pel.Otic. stands for Solimei Skins Optics

Sol.Pel.Otic. it's a small but healthy company founded in 1935 by Carlo Solimei, who with his experience in the processing of chamois leathers cleaning, sees a potential development in the field of optics.

Sol.Pel.Otic. has demonstrated its innovative nature and explorer in the 70's with his son Aldo Solimei that redraws the company adapting it to the needs of the optics market in strong expansion, while maintaining an internal division dedicated to cleaning.

In the 90s, with the entrance in the company of his nephew Andrea Solimei, it has further evolution that brings Sol.Pel.Otic. in production capacity such as to strengthen its own sales network and at the same time offer a serious partnership to the eyewear industry.


Since 1935 we have been committed every day to offer solutions to the challenges our customers throw at us.

Through commitment, know-how and experience we guarantee timeliness and customized products .
We have always valued our customers' time!

It is the impetus for our work, the desire to respond to the new needs of the market, the love for tailor made, for handmade in Italy that moves our company.
We are passionate about the work of our customers and we like to share our skills with them.