Eyeglasses cases, microfibre cloths, glasses accessories.

All our products are handcrafted using the best materials.

Quality, elegance and the unmistakable Italian style make our products unique.


The company was founded in 1935 by Carlo Solimei, an entrepreneur from Cremona with a clear vision about the future, he soon realised the potentiality of suede for the cleaning of surfaces.
The logo features the picture of a deer as this is the animal that best represents the company’s products.
Sol.Pel.Otic gave evidence of its highly innovative spirit in the 70s. Aldo, succeeding Carlo, redesigns the company and adjusts it to the needs of the optics market that was massively growing at the time. Nonetheless, a branch of the company continued to be dedicated to the cleaning.
In the 90s Andrea takes over the company, that marks a major turning point as the Sol.Pel. Otic. increases considerably its production capacity and gets to consolidate its own sales network becoming a reliable partner for the eyewear industry.
Since then, we have been committed to finding solutions to the challenges that our customers pose to us.
Thanks to our commitment, know-how and experience we can grant rapidity and customised products.
We have always kept our customers’ time in high consideration!
The passion for our job, the wish to respond to the market’s new demands, our love for all that is tailor-made and handcrafted in Italy pushes our company forward.
We are passionate about our customers, care for their work and we like to share our competences with them.


Since always Sol.Pel.Otic. its mission is to provide an adequate response to the needs of each customer!

This is the prerogative that motivates us in the search for materials and technologies in step with the times, with a laboratory that attention to detail every project that is submitted.
With us, the optician has the opportunity to increase their visibility and to add value to their work.